Licensed Professional Insurance Agent In The Bay Area

Our History

May 2003
Aquil specializes in income protection, business and individual income taxation, long term care, disability income and retirement.
Sep 2007
Aquil provides insight on the current market conditions and helps clients prepare for future protection of your estate and assets
October 2011
Aquil consults with product specialists regarding your specific case and how best to organize the correct plan to suit your individual and business needs.
Jan 2013
When Aquil is not helping families, individuals, professional or business owners feel a sense of clarity when it comes to understanding the nuances of the insurance industry, he is activity seeking to help Bay Area cities provide affordable housing to low and very income individuals throughout the Bay Area.
November 2015
Aquil graduated from Clark Atlanta university where he received a Bachelor or the Arts in Psychology.
December 2017
He worked with special needs children for 10 years following college and became a licensed agent in California in 2015. Aquil Rasheed is married with four beautiful children enjoys, family outing and vacations, swimming, hiking, baseball, bicycling and studying emerging markets.
To be continue…

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