During your working years, we at Aquil Rasheed Insurance Services understand that healthcare professionals are exposed to a higher level of income and expose you to a much higher tax liability. To hedge your income from taxation and future inflation, we educate our clients about tax efficient ways to maximize your retirement income or savings in the future.

Our specialty designed
concepts include

Charitable planning

It is the way in which you support a cause or charity that means something to you. You can do this by making periodic, or annual gifts, throughout your lifetime.

Tax planning

We are not tax professional, however, we can give you advice that your accountant and or CPA may have missed or been uneducated about. Although, you and your team may be unaware we would educate you on missed tax exemptions that require you to pay higher taxes than necessary.

Retirement planning

Retirement planning for everyone is a hurdle, however, medical professionals are usually behind with planning due to school. Medical professionals have to make up ground that they’ve missed due to the 4-6 years of school. We have the ability to correct that ground by utilizing tax advantaged tools.

Choose the 
 to your goal

There are many ways to pay for college. Our goal is to introduce a concept that would help provide secondary options for college funding and its effects on tuition and taxes involved with college planning.

In the event of an emergency, disability insurance provides the family and disabled person with income needed to stay afloat throughout the duration of the emergency. It is more likely that an individual is going to suffer a disability in their working years versus the likelihood of an unexpected death. When you look at the numbers, long-term disability insurance really is your best option. We recommend getting coverage for at least 5 years or more, to cover long-term loss of income that your 3-6 month emergency fund won’t cover. We can help you protect your family from this scenario by planning to add a disability policy to your insurance portfolio

Most people do not understand the importance of long-term care insurance. Medical professionals are privy to how health-related issues can alter a person’s life, however the cost of that care outside the hospital is unknown to most people. We educate our clients of the importance of long-term care insurance and its advantages to protect your family from outstanding medical costs but also protect your personal retirement plan from unexpected injuries that can liquidate retirement savings.

Rollover. If you receive funds from your old 401(k) plan, you have the option of doing a 401(k) to IRA rollover. As long as you contribute an amount equal to your 401(k) distribution into an IRA within 60 days of the original distribution, you won’t have to pay income taxes or a tax penalty on the distribution.

Asset protection is a component of financial planning intended to protect one’s assets from creditor claims. Individuals and business entities use asset protection techniques to limit creditors’ access to certain valuable assets while operating within the bounds of debtor-creditor law

A successful business is made up of admin, office workers, managers, supervisors, assistants etc. These positions are important and excellent benefits keep employees happy and benefits such as medical,dental, disability and life insurance are ways to separate your business from others.

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